The Work-Shop


The Work-Shop was founded with the intention of creating a beautiful, comfortable space where people can come together to share thoughts and ideas, learn new things, express their creativity and connect with others.  The Work-Shop offers programs in art and creativity, spiritual inquiry, holistic health and wellness, and yoga.  Sometimes being open to something new encourages us to discover what has actually always been there.

Welcome to Our Blog!!!

When we brought The Work-Shop to life we envisioned it being a place where people would feel at home - a place where they felt nurtured - a place where there was no competition, just connection.  In this spirit, we have launched our "Studio of the Month" workshops in an effort to highlight all that these wonderful studios have to offer.  This was our first step in our quest to be your reliable resource for all good things!  Today - we are super excited to take the next step & launch this blog where you can read about great things, places & events that we have found while we're busy being free!!!

Celia & Mimma...busy being free!!

Celia & Mimma...busy being free!!